The New Release


The new release in a single word speaks volumes. Directions say’s it best, Randy’s newest collection of music covers a lot of ground, “I like guitar music, period, and I took the music in many different directions with this release.” This CD takes you on a journey from start to finish, Remember the day’s of vinyl when you dropped the needle and let the artist take you down the path they had laid out? This CD had that path in mind when it was created, Enjoy the Journey.

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1. Intro

2. Bigfoot

3. Cro-Magnon Funk

4. Bluebeck

5. Two Hearts

6. The Departure

7. Tribes of a Distant Nebula

8. Sand Swept Lands

9. The Incident

10. Guardian of Forever

11. The Heavy Stone (intro)

12. The Heavy Stone

13. A Small Fable